Hi I'm Soleil, Your Natural Hair Expert

I started SolCare to help destigmatize the idea that natural hair care is difficult. The amount of Information on natural hair can be overwhelming, and the transition from chemical care to natural hair can seem difficult. Solcare is here to make the transition more manageable.

Since 2018 I have helped clients in the the Triangle and surrounding areas care for their natural hair with my 3 tier process. It's proven to help clients incorporate a holistic approach to hair care in their daily lives! Hit my TLC link below to shop my Health and Beauty offerings!


Unlock Your Inner Beauty

Shine from your core and your crown will glow. We believe when the body is cared for well, everything else will follow.

It's more than just "looking good" to the eye, the body needs holistic care and will know if it is receiving it. SolCare aims to facilitate a holistic and connected approach to self care.

Discover and Embrace Your Roots

Understand how your body and scalp feeds off of what foods & products you intake and use regularly.

Lifestyle choices like activity level, overly processed food products, and harsh unnatural hair care products play a significant role in self care results. SolCare helps guide you toward a more holistic life style with workout tips, natural hair care advice, and group fitness events.

Routine Care

Following the script is key and yields real-world results. Listen closely to your body, your hair and scalp talks.

Solcare aids in the adorning process by encouraging insightfulness and recommending products to help you stay in touch with your hair. You are kings and queens, take back your crown!

Top Styles and Services Guide

Two Strand Twists

Lightweight and low maintenance, this style puts no tension on the hair and uses no heat allowing hair to breathe. Locs and Loose Natural Hair benefit from this protective and long lasting style. Two strand twists help hair stay free of tangles and help lock moisture in for longer.

Rope Twists

Rope twists combine 2-4 locs into a twist to mimic a chunky twist, making your loc care at home even easier.

High Profile Updos

Intricate styling incorporating braids, knots, loops, and twists on loose hair and locs. If you can dream it, SolCare can do it!

Loc Maintenance and Style

Keep your locs looking new with our palm roll loc maintenance. This method incorporates your new growth, keeps your locs fresh, and your scalp moisturized. For easy upkeep, try this in conjuntion with rope twists.

Detox Shampoo Service

A step above regular shampoo service, ou detox shampoo uses botanicals to penetrate the scalp and clense your hair at the root. Our clients love this relaxing service.

Hot Oil Moisture Treatments

This service uses professional grade products to seal in moisture and protect against breakage and is perfect for reviving dry or damaged hair. Hot oil treatments are also a great way to keep natural hair healthy.

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